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The Gur Control
Order, 1948
        Notification No. Py-19/48.--In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 3 and 4 of the Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Act, 1946 (XXIV of 1946) and in super session of the Gur Control Orders; 1947, dated 4th August, 1947, issued by the Department of Food, Government of India, New Delhi, by their Gazette, dated 16th August, 1947, the Government of Pakistan, in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Health, is pleased to make the following Order:--

        1. (1) This Order may be called the Gur Control Order, 1948.
            (2) It extends to all the Provinces of Pakistan.
            (3) It shall come into force at once.

        2. In this Order, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context--

      1. 'Controller' means the person appointed as Gur Controller for Pakistan by the Government of Pakistan and includes any person authorised by the said Controller to exercise all or any of the powers of the Controller under this Order except those under section 3 hereunder:-
      2. 'Dealer' means a person carrying on business in the purchase, sale and/or distribution of Gur.
      3. "Producer' means a .person carrying on the business of producing Gur.
      4. "Gur" means articles commonly known as Gur, Jaggery, Shakkar and Rab, and includes raw sugar as also uncrystallised sugar in any other form comprising of original and convertible molasses and other impurities, inherent or foreign prepared by boiling cane palmyra juice.

        3. The Controller may, from time to time fix with the prior concurrence of the Federal Government by notification in the Official Gazette for any specified area the maximum prices at which Gur may be sold or delivered and different rates of prices may be so fixed by him for different areas or different types or grades of Gur.

        4. Every producer and dealer shall comply with such directions regarding the production, sale, delivery, stocks distribution and/or prices of Gur as may from time to lime be given by the Controller.

        5. If in the opinion of the Controller the unregulated production of Gur in any area is likely to affect adversely the production of sugar in quantity which in his opinion is required for the country, he may, with the prior concurrence of the Government of Pakistan by order published in the official Gazette, provide for all , or any of the following matters:--

                (a) prohibit or restrict the export of sugarcane to any place outside that area;
                (b) direct that cane growers in that area shall deliver sugarcane to a specified sugar factory or in accordance with such conditions in regard to authority, price and time of delivery as may be prescribed by the Controller;
                (c) prohibit, or restrict to such quantities or qualities or both as may be specified by the Order, the manufacture of Gur by all or any class of producers in the said area:--

        (1) The Controller may from time to time with the prior approval of the Pakistan Government allot quotas of Gur for the requirement of any specified province or area in any specified market.

        (2) The Controller may also from time to time issue directions to any producer or dealer to supply Gur to such areas or markets or such persons or organizations, in such quantities, of such types, or grades, at such times, at such prices and in such manner as may be specified by the Controller.

        (3) Every producer or dealer shall, notwithstanding any existing agreement with any other person, give priority to and comply with any directions issued to him under sub-clause (1).

        7. No Gur shall be transported or offered or accepted for transport whether by rail, road or water and whether by a railway servant, common carrier or other person from a place in a province in Pakistan to any place outside the province except under a permit issued by the Controller in such form and subject to such conditions and in respect of such areas as he may from time to time prescribe:

        Provided that this clause shall not apply to the transport by railway or in any manner whatsoever by land or water of Gur (a) bona fide traveller as part of his personal luggage or (b) under and in accordance with Military Credit Notes.

        Explanation.-- For the purpose of this clause Gur not intended for the personal use of the Traveller and member of his family shall not be deemed to be his personal luggage.

        8. The Controller may, by notification in the, Official Gazette, make regulation for carrying into effect the purposes of this Order.

        9. If any person contravenes the provisions of this Order, then without prejudice to any punishment to which he may be liable, any Court trying the offence may order that any stocks of Gur, together with the packages and coverings thereof in respect of which the Court is, satisfied that the offence has been committed shall be forfeited to Government.

        10. Notwithstanding the super session of Gur Control Order, 1947, all notifications, rules, orders, authorizations, quotas, requirements and directions, issued there under or previously shall, so far as they are not inconsistent with this Order, be deemed to have been made hereunder and they shall continue in force until rescinded or modified hereunder.

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