PSMA was registered in Nov. 1964, established as a representative organization of all Sugar Mills in Pakistan. Its memorandum was signed in 1964 by 4 mills in East Pakistan and 4 Sugar Mills of West Pakistan namely Premier, Kohinoor, Habib and Crescent.

The first meeting of the representatives of the sugar industry was held on 30th Aug.1964 at Ambassador Hotel, Lahore under the chairmanship of Taj Muhammad Khanzada where appointment of functionaries, opening of Bank Account, appointment of auditors and other resolutions took place. Later the First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PSMA was held on 28th March’1965. at hotel Shahbagh, Dacca, which was attended by 17members where PSMA Office bearers were elected for the First time. The election included the office bearers for the Zonal Committees of West Pakistan and East Pakistan.

Between then and 1971 five of the General Body Meetings took place in Dacca. After re-organization of provinces in West Pakistan Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa zones were created through a resolution in Sept.1971. During the same meeting the PSMA subscription was raised to one paisa per bag and Rs. 500/- as admission fee in order to meet the increase in expenditures. During AGM in 1972 PSMA advised the Government not to increase the rationing of sugar above 8 Chhataks per head per month to avoid import of sugar. During a meeting in Jan’1974 total production of sugar was estimated at 630,000 tons against the consumption estimated at 550,000 tons.

Since then lot of water has passed through the bridge. By the year 2008, 43 Annual General Meetings of the Association has taken place, where the present chairman was elected as 32nd Chairman of the Association. Considering the population and per capita increase, the consumption has reached the maximum production the industry could produce in its best harvest. Therefore all efforts are directed to increase production by development of better varieties with higher yield and recovery.

The Pakistan Sugar Mills Association was established with its objectives set out in the Memorandum of Association and it continues to be the representative body of the sugar mills all over Pakistan. It plays a pivotal roll in promoting the development and attaining efficiency in the best interest of the sugar mills and sugar allied industries within the parameters of policy of the Government of Pakistan.

In the long-term targets the Association will strive to pursue attainment of improvement and efficiency through research and development of the sugarcane yield & recovery, efficiency of irrigation system, adoption and implementation of new technologies in the farming system.

Pursuance of a comprehensive policy is the prerequisite for the success of an industrial sub-sector. Policy shall cover production, price and through it achieve market stability. This can create a sustainable situation by consolidation, giving steady upturn.
Its objectives includes, to create an institutional structure for the Research and Development for sugar industry. For this purpose, Pakistan needs to set up Sugarcane breeding institution. PSMA also pursues to workout a long-term linkage of sugarcane price with sugar price and finalize on long-term basis the sugarcane price linkage with sugar recovery.

Above all, the Association provides and maintains valuable data information for the production, sale / stock etc beside forecasting yearly production and consumption which helps millers as well as policy makers at the Government level. The information is studied at the domestic and international level.

The Association was established and run under the trade Organization Ordinance No. XLV of 1961 and the license granted under the companies act 1913 as a company without the word “Limited” to its name, till the time when : -

The Government of Pakistan promulgated Ordinance No. XXXI of 2007, on June 05, 2007 regulating the registration of trade organizations and under this Trade Organization, Rules 2007 were also issued vide an SRO dated 07 June 2007.

The new Ordinance and Rules repealed the existing ordinance and rules including all licenses issued in the past to the Trade Organization, Chambers and Associations.

For the new license, PSMA applied afresh conforming the laid down qualifications and with the fulfillment of necessary documentations. Finally, the new License to PSMA was granted on 17th May 2008, while the Memorandum & Article of Association is still under consideration held up due to the petition lodged against the changes made in the Zonal structure of the Association in the copy of approved Article of Association. Due to the agro-based nature and close linkage of sugar factories with the provincial Government Administration, THE MERGING OF ZONES WAS NEITHER PRACTICAL NOR ACCEPTABLE.